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About our Scholarships

The Raymond Community & Business Organization (RCBO) offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors who plan to enroll in an accredited technical school, trade school or college.

For 2021, we're offering five scholarships! Three $500.00 General Scholarships, One $500.00 Jana Lee Kopac Fine Arts Scholarship, and One $500.00 Howard Scott Technical / Trade Scholarship.

Am I Eligible?

You're eligible if you... (all must apply)

Are a High school senior residing in either the Union Grove or Waterford high school district.

Have a pending or accepted application into an accredited technical school, trade school, or college for attendance the year following high school graduation.

Have been involved in community, church, and/or high school extracurricular activities.
Hint: we're a nonprofit that values community and church volunteerism and would likewise give particular attention to candidates who embody the same.


Showcase leadership qualities.

Exhibit scholastic achievement.

Meet Our Current & Past Winners


  • Connor Esch

  • Megan Baker

  • Mackenzie Geschke

  • Geneva Hebron (Jana Lee Kopac Fine Arts)


  • Keith Storm-Voltz (Howard Scott Memorial for Technical/Trade)

  • Ethan Hansen

  • Audrey Eshleman

  • Kelly Koerber

  • Elisabeth Piper (Jana Lee Kopac for Fine Arts)


  • Adam Paisley (Howard Scott Memorial for Technical/Trade)

  • Katie Baker

  • Megan Draheim

  • Calla Esch

  • Samuel Grasiorowski (Jana Lee Kopac for Fine Arts)


  • Clayton Esch

  • Alannah Lofquist

  • Riley Sinda

  • Allison Wick (Jana Lee Kopac for Fine Arts)


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Les Hedrington, Board Member III

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