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4th Fest Parade Information

Children's Parade

Children are especially encouraged to become involved in the festivities.

Here's what you need to know:

How to get Involved: Decorate tricycles, bicycles, coaster wagons, your pet or anything available. Then dress in your best Red-White-and-Blue/Fourth of July attire and walk, bike, ride to be a part of the children's parade.

1:10 (estimated) Should be ready to immediately follow the Color Guard (which starts at 1:00). No Pre-registration is required

Rules: Only non-motorized vehicles are permitted in this section of the parade. Parents are welcome to join the younger kids along the route. Have fun!

July 4th Main Parade

This Main Parade doesn't have 'kids' in the title, but you certainly wouldn't know that from the amount of candy that's handed/tossed out by our participants!

Here's what you need to know:

Participants: All taking part in the Main Parade must register by filling out the PDF file attached on this page and email or physically mail to submit.

Check-in day-of at the 76th and Hwy G intersection where you'll receive your entry number that corresponds to the number painted on the street -- no trading numbers as this is needed for our parade announcer! Check in begins at 10AM with judging before the parade between Noon and 1:00PM. Please note the road closures, you'll need to enter from the north (not from hwy K). Thank you for making this day special for so many!!!

Route: The entire route is along 76th Street working from north to south. It'll begin at the Raymond Town Hall and finish at Raymond Elementary School. Checkout the Map.

Rules: Keep it moving! Getting to see the sites and sounds of a parade is magical, even for the young-at-heart. However, did you know that many participants are also sharing their skills/rides at neighboring community parades? That's why as an observer we need to keep the streets cleared, and as a participant not stop for a quick chat with a long time friend. When we stay on schedule, it helps ensure that our performers want to join us in celebrating again next year.

Have fun!


PO Box 217 

Franksville, WI 53126

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