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All are welcomed, from the families who have spent generations in Raymond to those who just moved in. We're looking for a blend of traditional cooperation and new innovative ideas.

RCBO formally meets four times a year, with additional sub-meetings as we further plan activities.

Assist in areas that you enjoy. No matter your talent or passion, we're confident we'll be able to match your talent with a project in need of another set of helping hands. Join our next event and express your interest to become involved in your community.  

Next Opportunity to Sign-up:

Please attend the next quarterly meeting (dates and times listed to the right - or below for mobile users) or ask one of our members during any of our four events!


Quarterly Meetings, third Wednesday in:

  • January

  • April

  • July

  • October

Events/Planning Dates:

  • July 3, Car Show and Barn Dance

  • July 4, Festival Activities

  • July 5, Clean up

Meetings are held at the RCBO Center in downtown Raymond off 76th street, just a couple driveways north of the school. Join us at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome, and all help is greatly appreciated!

It takes many people to make the events successful. All the events that RCBO sponsors are non-profit and are organized and run by volunteers. We are always looking for new members and helpers.

Who should I contact the other 350-ish days to sign-up?

Use our contact email address:

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