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We Thank YOU!

We're so appreciative to all of our friends and supporters who were able to help us celebrate this year.
There are so many thank yous we'd love to handout from our financial sponsors, to the participating vendors, the neighboring communities which we balance our parade schedule with, those who volunteer their time or equipment, all the local businesses who put a flier up or donated auction goods, the individuals who maybe even couldn't attend but spread the word about us, the close proximity residences who tolerate the extra traffic and temporary externalities, the trash-can users who take the few extra steps to put their garbage where it belongs, the spectators who abide by all the local laws and our posted insurance requirements, the responsible drivers who took extra care to watch for pedestrians and made sure they were in legal condition to drive, the law enforcement to make the parade route and grounds safe, the Village of Raymond for entrusting the RCBO with their festival grounds and other various permissions, Raymond Elementary summer school kids and teachers for tolerating the extra distractions during our setup, our patrons who were able to show up and celebrate with us, our website viewers who helped us reach 2,700+ hits within the week, our seasoned RCBO volunteers who did their normal routine while also mentoring new volunteers, our new RCBO volunteers who added to their schedules in a commitment for positive community events, and YOU

Can't say, "Thank you!" enough to all our friends and supporters of the 2024 festival. We would love your continued support in the future. -RCBO


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